High End HiFi Install Specialists*

Brands of expertise

  • Naim (inc Uniti & Muso) inc Fraim

  • Linn (DS & Space Optimisation)

  • Meridian 

  • Hegel

  • Focal

  • Krell

  • McIntosh

  • Cyrus

  • B&W

  • ATC

  • Neat

  • Chord Electronics

  • Melco

  • Innuos

  • Arcam (inc Dirac)

  • Quad

  • Denon

  • Shahinian

  • Rega

  • Qnap

  • Synology

  • Technics

  • Sonos

  • Kaleidescape

  • Ubiquiti Networks

  • Control4

We can also offer Specialist speaker or audio cable re-termination on/or off site.


Professional Audio/Visual Installation

With extensive experience in virtually all brands of domestic AV products. Our installation service can be as simple as mounting any size of screen to a fully featured bespoke surround system.

We can advise and specify all your requirements from the very start.

Call or email for more information. 

Data Networks & WiFi Installation

We are firmly in an age where internet and network stability is key to our daily lives.

We can advise, specify, install and test network solutions to overcome any problems that are causing disruption to music/video streaming or general WiFi drop out issues within the home.


We can also provide ongoing remote monitoring of your network

Call or email for more information.


On Call Property Maintenance Service

A one stop service to swiftly address and rectify faults within your digital home entertainment systems

If you are a Property Maintenance Company and would like to take advantage of our service contract which will give your tenants the peace of mind that any issues that may arise from equipment failure, poor installation of equipment or internet issues can be professionally dealt with, call or email for more information.

Additionally, if a property with sophisticated audio/visual/networking has been dormant for a time and could be in need of a full health check before a tenant either arrives or move in, give us a call and we can arrange a full service of the system and any issues that can't be addressed at the time will be identified and rectified once the offending device can be obtained.

Email for details on call out costs and service contracts


Committed To Providing A No.1 Service

With over 20yrs in the HiFi and Home Cinema industry within luxury homes and high importance to customer service

Alert Us Of The Issue

All we would require is a brief description of the problem. The service call can be booked straight away. 

Service Callout

With the information provided, a visit will be made at the agreed time with constant  communication with the client.

A fixed 1hr Callout fee is usually all that is required, further time is charged at a reduced rate.

Rest Assured

Fully insured and equipped with all the tools and standard parts for rectifying the issue.

Our ultimate focus is rectify the problem swiftly with minimal disruption. 

We've Come a Long Way

About Me

Tone Control AV launched in late 2019 by Leigh Dickson - expert in the world of Hi-Fi and AV installation, with over 20 years experience of working for some of the country’s top companies in the field. 


During the last 12 years, his most recent role as a senior engineer with sole position for Hi-Fi installation in a leading company.  Leigh’s skill set with niche brands ranging from Naim, Linn, Rega, Mark Levinson, Krell, B&W etc has seen him working with a multitude of different systems and configurations in private houses  and has equipped him with superior technical and customer service skills, catering to a wide and discerning client base in the Luxury market.

Based in Bedfordshire with a main client base in Central London and surrounding areas, Tone Control AV can also arrange visits nationwide or further afield. 


Leigh Dickson’s passion for audio also extends to listening to and making music, he is a published electronic composer with a studio and audio engineering background. Leigh understands how music works.


What People have said*

A small example of happy clients :)

"Leigh did very well. He probably thought he was coming to install my Linn DSM but also integrated other equipment and fixed the phone line"

I was very impressed with the work today. The Network issue is resolved, music in all rooms now working & Sky is sorted. Great job & thank you!

"Leigh, as always, is most helpful and seemed to solve the problems i've been grappling with for months. Thank You"

Leigh clear, helpful and approachable. If i can't remember how all the remotes work, i'll be calling back. But very neat job and i'm very happy.

"Leigh was persistant, patient, clear in his explanations. He kept me informed at every step of the way and was very helpful"

Prompt, courteous, ran me through use and patiently answered all my questions. Perfect

*A vey small example of accumulated reviews from years within industry


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